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Hello! My name is Lis Kunzi, company founder. As a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT), my goal is to offer you treatments aimed at helping you live stress-free, pain-free, and happy! Also, I am a Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA) It was my own journey as a mother that set me on an incredible path, aimed at empowering women to make the birth of their children a positive and wholly natural one.

Step Forward to Better Health is a company devoted to offering professionally administered reflexology treatments, as well as offers expectant mothers expert doula care. Together we can create the healthy lifestyle and the exceptional birthing experience you desire.

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Beyond my practice studio, I offer my services at Calgary’s Market on Macleod which has a friendly and warm ambiance, helping to put you in the right frame of mind to experience the therapeutic results of reflexology.
MarketI invite you to watch this EMTV interview where I talk about my company:emtv


Reflexology is an ancient art. It is a healing form of bodywork, designed to enhance your health and well being. In consultation with you, I will customize your experience by choosing a treatment method that is right for you. To give you a sense of what to expect, this is what happens during a typical session with me:EMomNow_MemberButton

You relax fully clothed in a reclining chair or massage bed with just your shoes and socks removed. I apply gentle pressure on the reflex points found on the ears, hands and feet to stimulate and activate the body’s own healing capabilities, specifically targeted to the area at issue. This procedure gets to the root cause of your ailment, relieves your stress and tension, improves your circulation, and helps your body begin to re-balance. You leave feeling great!

I am a friendly and approachable professional who provides a number of reflexology treatments. They include:

Unsure which treatment is right for you? Contact me for a consultation or to schedule an appointment. I hope after discovering that this alternative form of medicine is genuine and restorative, you will choose me as your Reflexology Therapist, and include me in your team of healthcare providers.


As a Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA), I am a trained professional who understands the natural process of birth. My aim is to work alongside laboring woman and couples to help create the most positive, healthy and natural experience possible.  As your doula I will be your birthing coach. I will be at-the-ready to provide you with steady emotional support, as well as assist you with all sorts of other non-medical related aspects of your care before, during, and after the delivery of your child.  Early on in your pregnancy, I will serve as a valuable informational resource by answering all your questions about what to expect ‘while expecting,’ be able to help you design a birth plan, and help your family get ready for the big day.

During labour and delivery I will provide you with continuous support, such as making suggestions about how to position your body during labour, help you with your breathing through the contractions, and provide you with some relaxing massage. I will be present to answer questions about “what’s happening to me?” It is good to know that Dads and doulas complement each other, forming a tight more cohesive support group for labouring mothers. I strive to work side-by-side Dads so he may fully participate in the birth of his child.

Excited? I invite you to contact me to learn how I may be able to serve you and your family during this most amazing journey.

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