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A better you through Reflexology, Diet and Exercise

Reflexology combined with diet and nutritional counseling are safe, natural therapies which have helped many folks overcome problems associated with a variety of illnesses such as head colds, medical conditions such as cholesterol management, and helping to govern issues such as weight loss. Many of these conditions may not be associated with your diet, but we are what we eat. Having a good diet is the foundation to good health. If we ensure that we are eating the best foods we can afford it will in turn ensure that our body has the best chance of being well. At Step Forward to Better Health I examine your diet and lifestyle in a holistic way to determine if the body is working in a cohesive manner, in essence to see if all your internal systems are working in harmony. After all, a harmonious body equal a harmonious and happy life.

What I strive to do is teach you about your body, how it got into the predicament it’s in, and how you can help your body trigger its natural healing abilities. I want to empower you to be in control of your own health. Suffice it to say, the benefits of reflexology are greatly enhanced if you maintain a proper diet and exercise regime. If we attempt to break blockages or congestion at one end of our body to remove toxins. Good nutrition and active exercise are important keys. So how can reflexology, diet and nutrition work together?


First, reflexology often creates a balanced, motivated and energized person who then feels able to turn around and focus on a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. Reflexology can help create a healthier mind, allowing you to focus on your physical aspects therefore helping you get out from under the mantle of depression and sluggishness. Reflexology may energize your endocrine glands, which promote normal hormone secretion which helps to provide an appetite. These glands are also responsible for our response to stress. The less stress you have, the better chance you have to stay on your diet. Through reflexology your stomach and pancreas reflex points are stimulated therefore it can allow your body to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat, maximizing the nutritional value from what you are eating. Reflexology can also work your gall bladder. The bile in this organ emulsifies fats in partly digested food, which is conducive to weight loss. As well, reflexology can stimulate the spleen which will help reduce hunger.
If you crave the need to follow a natural path to improve your health, contact me to schedule a session or consultation to discuss all this more in detail.

Image used: “Diet,” Taken March 7, 2015by Moyen Brenn, CC by 2.0


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