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About Lis

It is possible it is to live happy, healthy and pain-free through Reflexology!



Reflexology is a natural non-invasive modality that can realign the body back into balance and harmony, where all systems function at optimum levels. By receiving regular treatments, the body starts to self-heal, the endocrine system starts to function normally, stress levels drop, and all bodily functions are set on a better course.

It is my sincere wish to help couples be pro-active and teach them some easy techniques to promote a state of relaxation to enable conception. I will do this through workshops, webinars, and by appointment.

I look forward to working with you and learning about your health needs. Together we can create the healthy lifestyle you are striving for!

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My Vision

Reflexology becomes integrated within the Calgary community’s everyday health regime, because it offers natural methods to self-treat and self-heal our bodies. I aim to broaden the awareness on its benefits by: giving presentations, offering online education classes, speaking at events, and teaching workshops. My dream is for people to learn about and adopt the many health benefits that reflexology provides.

My Mission

Helping people step forward to better health each and every day. I will do my best to help my clients learn how possible it is to live happy, healthy and pain-free in order to get the most out of life through reflexology. My goal is to practice what I know best, by giving deep and satisfying reflexology treatments. And, I will strive to broaden awareness of this amazing ancient art, perfectly designed to treat the ills that emerge from the rapid pace of modern life.


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Having a hard time getting pregnant? I can help. Please inquire.


I can support your family through reflexology treatments, including your baby.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is debilitating. Try reflexology to reduce your pain so you can focus on life!