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Achoo! Reflexology for Allergy Relief

Happily spring is here! The snow is melting, the birds are singing, and the trees and grass are slowing waking to eventually BURST into bloom. As joyous as this time of year is, your seasonal allergies might also be gearing up to reactivate. Ugh, get out the tissues. You might be wondering, how can I boost my body’s immunity to these seasonal allergens? Unlike the body’s key reflex points located on the soles of our feet, the reflex points for our sinus cavities are actually located on our toe pads. When these specific points are gently pressed and stimulated it affects the performance of our sinus tissues. Get rid of those nasal toxins and headaches.

Reflexology is designed to address seasonal imbalances. It activates your nervous system to dissolve any energy blockages, as well as improves the overall performance of your blood and lymph circulation systems. Breathe easier. Stop feeling stressed, uncomfortable, and miserable. Reduce the coughing, sinus pressure and congestion, and fatigue. Restore your body’s balance and bounce. Starting today, give up on buying tissues, eye drops, anti-histamines and all sorts of other off-the-counter allergy medications. Instead, contact me to schedule a reflexology session so I can clear up all those unnecessary achoos!



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