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Alternative ways to experience Christmas

Merry Christmas! It can be a very happy time of year for some yet for others a time to really dread. This may be because your family members don’t get alone, you’re fed up with consumerism, you’re tired and need a break, you’ve lost someone close to you, you don’t have family close by. Or, it might be for a variety of other reasons. No matter what it is, here are some refreshing ways to celebrate some time off, that you might not have thought of, and could inspire you:

  • Lend a hand to a local charity,
  • Go for a long walk and really look at nature,
  • Keep calm and read a book or two,
  • Check out the latest flicks at the cinema, or rent/download a movie for some movie therapy,
  • Go to a religious service,
  • Sing Christmas Carols even if you can’t sing,
  • Have lunch with the animals at the zoo,
  • Stay at a posh hotel for a night,
  • Take time for solitude to get in touch with yourself and reflect,
  • Just turn off all the noise and spend some quality time in silence,
  • Find inner calm, tranquility and sanctuary at a Buddhist temple.

Also, consider this:

  • Spend Christmas with your family of choice. They don’t have to be people you’re related to. It may mean spending some time redefining what family means to you and creating your own traditions.
  • Don’t dream of a white Christmas – experience one! Soak up the beauty of Alberta in the winter by trekking on trails, ice-skate on a lake, take a ride on a horse and sleigh.


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