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Around the World Tuesday: Sweden

After a 2 week break we’re back again with our international family dinners. Last night’s country was Sweden, and no we did not eat Swedish meatballs!

Instead of meatballs, we started with an appetizer of small open-faced rye bread sandwiches with sweet and curried herring served with lots of onion and dill. Our main course consisted of roast venison haunch with mash potatoes with a divine sauce made from red wine, beef stock, pan drippings, tomato paste and of course famous Swedish Lingonberries. Our second side was a yummy apple, celery and walnut salad.

Due to the large distance between north and south Sweden, there are regional differences in cuisine. In the far north, historically meats such as reindeer, and other game dishes were eaten while fresh vegetables and fish make up more of the diets of Southern Swedes. Some northern dishes have their roots in Sami (the indigenous people of Arctic Europe) culture, and many traditional dishes employ simple, contrasting flavours. A prime example of this is the classic dish of meatballs, and brown cream sauce with a tart, lingonberry jam reminiscent of cranberry sauce.

The Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden lie in the North Sea, the Bering Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and share a long history together. Like family, we have a friendly rivalry that stretches from the Viking warriors and seafarers, to modern football matches.

Next week our dinner takes us around the world to Hong Kong! I wonder what interesting dishes Demi will plan for us. Stay tuned…


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