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Full body workout in water!

Working out in the gym is not for everyone, so consider working out in in your community pool, local YMCA, or gym’s pool instead! Exercising in water is one of the best fitness tools by far. Aquatic exercises provide so many benefits to improve overall health and well-being.  Working out in the water doesn’t feel […]

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Seek out a certified Reflexologist!

Let’s imagine you’re walking down the street, and you see a sign advertising in big bold letters Jenny’s Wellness Studio $10 for a Reflexology Session. Stop for a minute and ask yourself: “is Jenny certified to do reflexology?” Buyer beware because if she’s not, as you’ll get what you pay for. Asking this initial begs […]

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September is Reflexology Awareness Month!

I’m declaring September as Reflexology Awareness Week, even though Reflexology Therapists celebrate World Reflexology Week the last week of the month or this year September 23rd – 29th, 2019.  Why not?  It’s worth celebrating the numerous benefits that reflexology has on the body. Reflexology takes a holistic approach to stimulating the body’s reflex points, through […]

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How to Reach your Health Goals

With all the demands placed on us these days, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to reach our personal health goals. Loosing weight is a goal for many of us but people also strive to adopt healthier habits, to keep off the weight, drink more water, stay energized, and just be happy. Here’s some […]

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Celebrate Alberta’s Heritage Day

Alberta’s Heritage Day is celebrated on the first Monday in Alberta, which is today! Even though it’s an optional civic holiday, take some time today to salute and enjoy the province’s western heritage. The purpose of this holiday is to recognize and celebrate the varied cultural heritage of Albertans, from the indigenous peoples through to […]

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Your tired aging feet!

We often pay attention to how our feet look once sandal season arrives, and during the rest of the year our feet are starving for a little tender-loving care. We abuse our tender tootsies. Our feet pound the pavement each day, taking us here and there, getting tired and worn out along the way. We […]

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Proper footwear = Happiness

Are your feet sore? If yes, what type of shoes are you wearing? Buy shoes that support your feet, not make them sore and tired. Purchase comfortable shoes first and foremost, and if they are fashionable that’s a bonus. Proper fitting shoes are so important both to our overall health. There’s no two set of […]

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Happy Canada Day!

It’s time to get up, get out, and applaud the kind of life we live in this great nation. Get yourself a cold beer and a slice of birthday cake, because it’s a 3,000-mile nationwide birthday party, touching on 3 oceans after all. Experiencing a true Canada Day celebration will remind you of the many […]

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Reflexology for seniors

Reflexology and the elderly fit together like a hand in a glove. Most seniors take medication, and sometimes lots of different kinds, so any effective health care approaches that offer an alternative approach to pain relief – like reflexology – is safe and most welcomed. Nursing homes accepted reflexology as a powerful alternative therapy. When […]

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Foot reading for better health

Solestry is the art of foot reading. It’s what Reflexology Therapists routinely do when you consult with them about stress and/or pain you might be experiencing, especially in your feet. The state of your health is reflected in your feet. On average, 2 in 10 people take regular note of their foot health. We need […]

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The booming wellness economy

STRESS and more STRESS is forcing us look for healthier alternatives. We’re working longer, sleeping less, trying to manage the blurred lines between work and personal life, and hoping technology would have more beneficial rather than detrimental influences on our mental health. Combine these issues with a hundred other demands on our time, and you’ve […]

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