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Asthma relief through reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient and natural healing art that emerges out of China and other regions of Southeast Asia. The techniques used are aimed at giving relief to all sorts of aches and pains by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the hands, feet, and toes that directly correspond to the body’s organs and […]

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Help! I have a migraine!

What a pain! They can last for days. Besides headaches, migraines are one of the most common pains that folks suffer from, especially women. As reported by the United States’ National Headache Foundation, people aged between 15-55 suffer most from migraines, and three-quarters of all sufferers have a family history of them. Suffice it to […]

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Weight loss and reflexology

Can reflexology really help me drop some weight? Yes! What a great and pleasurable way to lose weight when done in conjunction with other sensible weight reducing measures like eating right and exercising. Certain pressure points on your feet can be pressed to instill a number of responses within your body that are conducive to […]

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Relax those muscles. Try reflexology!

You may think reflexology is like a massage, and mainly for relaxation. But it can bring great benefits to athletes or those passionate about exercising through loosening tense muscles and speeding recovery from injury or overuse. In uninjured athletes, reflexology relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments so the body functions as intended, or smoothly and easily. […]

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Achoo! Reflexology for Allergy Relief

Happily spring is here! The snow is melting, the birds are singing, and the trees and grass are slowing waking to eventually BURST into bloom. As joyous as this time of year is, your seasonal allergies might also be gearing up to reactivate. Ugh, get out the tissues. You might be wondering, how can I […]

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Expectant mothers benefit from reflexology

Being an expectant mother can feel exhilarating and scary all at the same time. Typically you’re on a physical roller coaster where dramatic changes are happening to your body, and at the same time you’re also riding an emotional wave where you feel happy, sick and tolerating every other emotion in-between. All kinds of other […]

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Alternative Therapies versus Allopathic Medicine.

Health is defined as the status of human’s well-being. People all over the globe are very much concern about their health to maintain its homeostasis and keep them free from diseases. The medical field is consists of wide array of health care practices, therapies, and products. In various areas of medicine, there are different kinds […]

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Baby Reflexology workshop!

Baby Reflexology workshop!   Baby Reflexology workshop! BABY AND YOU REFLEXOLOGY  WORKSHOP Soothe Teething Pain, Calm Colic, and More! Sept 20th 3pm -5pm There are lots of advantages for using reflexology for babies such as: help with sleeplessness, constipation, colic, teething and much, much more. Making use of reflexology on your baby will certainly help to […]

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