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Baby Reflexology, a Unique Method to Bond with Your Infant!

Baby Reflexology, a Unique Method to Bond

Reflexology for babies can be a great way to help your child with their physical , emotional and spiritual needs. This article is going to talk about the benefits and techniques related to baby reflexology.

Baby Reflexology, a Unique Method to Bond

As  a new Mom or Dad, I am sure you have done nothing but spend time  with your brand-new baby one on one really close-up, and nothing can create more closeness and bonding with your new infant than hugging and cuddling them and gazing into their bright and wondrous eyes.

Baby Reflexology or massage is an other way to bond and give your infant many health benefits. Reflexology for babies compliments baby massage, but is very different in that rather than setting time outside of home for a massage session Baby Reflexology can be done anywhere. All you need to do is to remove socks and bootees and work on baby’s feet for a few minuets.

On infants who has spend 9 months in the womb, the power of touch is vital, desired and of utmost importance for normal development. This simple gesture of touch express caring right away and make baby feel loved, safe and secure immediately on all levels, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s a form of communication that goes beyond what any words can do. Applying Baby Reflexology or massage to your infant is an extension of the healing power we all possess. Not alone is this beneficial for your baby health wise, but bonding will grow stronger and you learn to pick up baby’s cues and how to respond as your parenting instincts increases. It is not only baby that will benefit from this experience, you will also experience less stress and anxiety. You will feel more confident as your baby responds positively to your touch.

Remember it’s important to listen to your baby’s cues. If baby pulls his or her feet away, then now is not a good time. Never force a treatment on a baby as it should be an enjoyable experience for you both. Babies knows exactly when they have received enough healing energy.

Baby Reflexology is also very beneficial on infants who has experienced a traumatic birth. Or when forceps or vacuum has been used as the tiny bones in their neck and skull can become slightly misaligned, reflexology can help correct this in the gentlest of ways. Going to a chiropractor is a very safe and sure way to align baby’s spine as well. 

Reflexology is a natural therapy using finger  and thumbs on unique points on the feet and hands, which correspond to all parts of the physical body. If you like utilizing Natural therapies to care for  your baby , then baby reflexology gives you the opportunity to accomplishing a fuss free, 5 minute treatment, any time or place: in a café, on a bus, or perhaps in a supermarket line, or a special time before bedtime.

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Baby Reflexology, a Unique Method to Bond



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