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Baby Reflexology Made Simple (My video workshop course)

Reflexology is a series of techniques that, through gentle massage, stimulates the nerve endings in the ears, hands, and feet. These nerve endings are connected to our organs and to glands in our body, so in a nutshell reflexology treats the whole body and tones our system. We typically feel really great after having our feet massaged, and our body aligned.
If reflexology works so well to soothe an adult’s discomfort, why not adapt these techniques in calming babies? It is possible! In addition to offering a suite of standard reflexology treatments, my latest campaign to promote good health is teaching parents Baby Reflexology Made Simple: A Video Course!

baby-reflexology-stepforwardIt’s not surprising that infants often become cranky and cry. They may be experiencing sleepless nights because they have colic pain, have a cold or cough, or have intestinal gas. Infants frequently become constipated, develop a fever, get diarrhea, and have a sore mouth while teething. Baby Reflexology is especially designed with their tiny anatomy in mind. Using gentle finger tip and thumb pressure to a baby’s feet and hands, Baby Reflexology stimulates energy flow, clears congestion, and generally helps to alleviate what’s bothering them. Other benefits include allowing parents the flexibility of applying these techniques to their infants at any time, in any location, without any special set up, without removing any clothes. A 10 minute session is all that’s required at one time. Most importantly, Baby Reflexology can help with parent and baby bonding, aid in boosting a child’s immune system, and advocates general well-being.

I invite you to learn about Baby Reflexology Made Simple: A Video Course. By taking this workshop, you will gain the skills needed to keep your baby calm, content, and thriving. Get inspired by viewing this 2 minute trailer.


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