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Baby Reflexology workshop!

Baby Reflexology workshop!


Baby Reflexology workshop!

Soothe Teething Pain, Calm
Colic, and More!
Sept 20th 3pm -5pm

There are lots of advantages for using reflexology for babies such as: help with sleeplessness, constipation, colic, teething and much, much more. Making use of reflexology on your baby will certainly help to stimulate both bodily and psychological development. Touch is a vital component to any baby’s health, and reflexology is a fantastic way to assist your baby get the touch that they need. It is also an amazing experience for  parent’s to see how quickly their babies respond to their reflexology treatment.

Join registered Reflexologist Lis Kunzi for a 2 day workshop, running for 2 consecutive Saturdays that focuses on parent and baby bonding basics and increasing that bond through healing touch. Learn how to soothe teething pain, calm colic, relieve digestive issues and much more!
Cost: $95 per adult pair.
To register call (403) 247-9301 or stop by the Front
Desk to speak with a Practice Member Coordinator at

Dr. for Moms 4616 Valiant Dr. NW

I’m always here to help you, call me for a free phone consultation.

Ph. 4039787422

Baby Reflexology workshop!

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