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Baby Reflexology!


The Art of Bonding, Caring and Healing through the Feet 

Our babies are the most precious gift we can ever have. We will do anything to protect, love and care for them. And you can—Through Touch!!

Your tools are your hands; with a little bit of reflexology knowledge you can help your little ones to bond, feel safe, and stay content and confident. Babies cry less, sleep better and are generally healthier.

When our babies do get sick with a cold or start teething, have colic, constipation or other little upsets; instead of having to go to the Doctor, why not use your hands to heal. Babies calm down right away, bonding is deep and profound and many minor ailments are taken care of in this loving and nurturing way.

By attending a 2 part workshop you will gain the skills needed to keep your baby healthy, strong and confident.

Your will learn skills such as: Hand holding techniques, different reflex points pertaining to specific body systems and much, much more……


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