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Balance your yin and yang with reflexology

In Chinese medicine, reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years to re-balance one’s Qi, or the life force flowing through our body, to treat a number of conditions. Its believed that our bodies are composed of Yin and Yang forces that need to work in tandem in order for us to experience good health. Whenever our energy channels are blocked, ill-health is the result. The aim of reflexology is to dissolve blockages to enable the free flow of energy, thereby stimulating the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, anxiety, and pain. While acupuncture focuses on stimulating the body’s Meridian lines with needles, reflexology focuses on massaging the Meridian lines in the feet with finger and thumb pressure.

In a nutshell, reflexology, as a non-intrusive holistic therapy aimed at relieving pain and stress. Reflexology treatments can improve a sluggish circulation, used to treat migraine headaches, back and shoulder pain, poor digestion, respiratory problems, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms and period pain, as well as a myriad of discomforts experienced while pregnant.

Be careful who you approach for a reflexology treatment as anyone can theoretically call themselves a Reflexologist, so make sure you ask where your Reflexology Therapist was trained, and how much experience they have. This is very important.

At your first appointment at Step Forward to Better Health, I’ll ask you about your medical history, health issues, lifestyle and diet. Once we get started, as you remain fully clothed except for your feet,  I’ll apply painless pressure to your feet using my thumb and fingers to identify which areas of your body are misaligned and therefore not functioning properly. Sessions typically last an hour or so and focus on the soles of your feet. Depending on your health issue, it may take 5 to 6 sessions to treat a specific health condition.

Some of my clients have been coming to see me for years. First they feel better, then they feel well, then they stay well. That’s the trajectory I want all my clients to experience. My reflexology work triggers the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety, stopping the pain, and letting the body heal. The ultimate goal is to create homeostasis, which happens when all the body’s organs and systems are working together at optimal levels.

So knowing this, imagine what can happen if you allow your health to fail? Depending on your job, taking time off work could impact on loss of income. Feeling ill and rundown could impact on family time and other important commitments. Feeling unwell could result in marital strain, emotional stress, isolation and perhaps depression. Where do you turn, to over-the counter medication? Not a safe strategy. The longer you wait to have your health attended to the longer it will take to recuperate. Instead stop, think, and shift gears. Try to imagine living without pain and stress by experiencing the curative power that reflexology offers.  Add value to your well-being by boosting your health by investing in yourself – NOW. Reach out to me to schedule a reflexology session today!


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