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Not long ago we celebrated Thanksgiving Day; it’s a great time to pause and give thanks to all that we enjoy in living in Canada. But giving thanks is sometimes not quite enough. Throughout my career I have been driven to assist and care for others. I care for people who are struggling to relieve their stress and alleviate their other health complaints through my work as a Reflexology Therapist. I care for women and their families by serving as a Birth Coach or Doula, working to make the delivery of every child a safe and rewarding one. As best I can I try to promote important social causes in my daily discussions with people and via my website and social media channels.

So, let me introduce you to Canada Helps. It was established about fifteen years ago as a registered charity and non-profit social enterprise. Their mission is to “promote and ultimately increase charitable giving in Canada.” They are “dedicated to increasing charitable giving across Canada by making it easier to donate and fund raise online.” Canada Helps is connected to every registered charity in Canada, and within this group about 15,000 charities rely on Canada Helps for fundraising. Of the many charities across Canada, a present I am promoting these two groups:

Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids
Their mission is “to work with Calgary schools to identify kids who are hungry and find ways to feed them.” They provide lunches for approximately 2,800 kids each day, where nourishment is available to any young person who arrives at school without enough to eat. They work to “give students a hand up, not just a handout.”

Calgary Mothers’ Milk Bank
Their mission is “to provide pasteurized human donor milk to protect, promote and support the health of babies.” It’s a community based, not-for-profit organization that provides screened and pasteurized donor human milk to babies in need when mothers own milk is not available

I am a proud “Canada Helps” supporter! Maybe you can be too? Contact me for more information, or check them out at

Image used: “It’s about time to help others,” Taken on January 12, 2011 by Leticia Bertin, CC by 2.0


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