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I love to write about anything that has to do with Health! You'll feel better!

Celebrate Canada Today!

Even though we might not be able to get out and party, we can still celebrate this fantastic country. Here’s why Canadians think their country is so great: Canada has a great, world-wide reputation with other countries Canadians invented Hockey and have some of...

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Reflexology for Teenagers or Adolescents

Reflexology can be incredibly beneficial to adolescents. The pressures faced by teenagers are enormous, from exam stress to social media peer pressure, hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, concentration difficulties, mood swings, short attention span, lack of enthusiasm, depression, clumsiness, learning disorders, etc.  Teens experience unique...

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Reflexology for Runners

Running impacts on the whole body. It’s not only an intensive cardiovascular workout but involves other systems in the body such as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, muscular, and lymphatic systems.  Even though the whole body is constantly moving during running, the focus is on...

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Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is an ancient healing practice that targets specific areas of your body by applying pressure to points on the hands. It’s a quick and simple treatment that helps alleviate a variety of ailments and issues. It has been known to be effective...

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DIY Ear Reflexology

Ear or auricular reflexology is one of several treatments used to relieve pain and other ailments. During a reflexology treatment, when delicate nerve endings in the feet, hands and ears are pressed and gently massaged, signals travel to the central nervous system and the...

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Benefits of Activated Charcoal

What is activated charcoal? It’s a fine, odorless, black powder often used in a hospital’s Urgent Care department to treat overdoses. It has toxin-absorbing properties that have a wide range of medicinal and cosmetic uses, though none are scientifically proven yet. It’s not the...

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Spring clean your mind!

What with COVID-19 swirling around us, it’s difficult to feel in control of many things. But what you can control is your mind. Thankfully, March has turned into April today meaning winter is transforming into spring. What a great time for spring cleaning to...

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