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I love to write about anything that has to do with Health! You'll feel better!

Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

For decades, companies rarely if ever invested any resources in taking care of their employees physical and mental well-being. It was practically unheard of. If there was any talk of introducing such programs, management and workers alike considered them “fluffy” activities and gave them...

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Reflexology vs. Massage

Ho-lis-tic is an adjective that means, “related to a complete system rather than an individual part.” When applied to health care, “holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind, the body, and the spirit,” rather than specific parts of the body.  By ancient design,...

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Broga! Yoga for dudes is here

There is hardly a more enduring exercise routine than yoga. It’s been practiced for over 5,000 so it must be doing something right, and people must find it beneficial. One of the main reason’s it’s so effective is that it’s a two-for-one meaning it...

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Reflexology when you’re pregnant

For many women being pregnant can trigger many emotions. Most of them positive, optimistic, excitement and expectation. However, sometimes you’ve got to muster up the strength to deal with occasional discomfort and the conditions that pregnancy brings. Muscle and nerve pain are typically at...

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