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I love to write about anything that has to do with Health! You'll feel better!

Weight loss and reflexology

Can reflexology really help me drop some weight? Yes! What a great and pleasurable way to lose weight when done in conjunction with other sensible weight reducing measures like eating right and exercising. Certain pressure points on your feet can be pressed to instill...

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Relax those muscles. Try reflexology!

You may think reflexology is like a massage, and mainly for relaxation. But it can bring great benefits to athletes or those passionate about exercising through loosening tense muscles and speeding recovery from injury or overuse. In uninjured athletes, reflexology relaxes muscles, tendons and...

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Baby Reflexology workshop!

Baby Reflexology workshop!   Baby Reflexology workshop! BABY AND YOU REFLEXOLOGY  WORKSHOP Soothe Teething Pain, Calm Colic, and More! Sept 20th 3pm -5pm There are lots of advantages for using reflexology for babies such as: help with sleeplessness, constipation, colic, teething and much, much more....

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Why does it take a village to raise a child!

  I’m sure you’ve all heard the  saying “it take a village to raise a child” But what does it mean to you? Because while it’s the obligation of the moms and dad, everybody else that a child views and connects with throughout their childhood...

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