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I love to write about anything that has to do with Health! You'll feel better!

The Year 2020 is Here!

Happy New Year! Wow! The year 2020 has arrived. Let’s make it a terrific year. Some folks believe that the number 2020 symbolizes huge potential, meaning its time to live your life with optimism and enthusiasm. When there’s too much conflict in your life,...

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Reflexology & Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when there’s damage to your peripheral nerves, most often in your hands and feet, which causes weakness, numbness, and pain. This type of pain can feel like stabbing, burning, prickling, or tingling. Peripheral neuropathy happens when you’ve suffered from traumatic injuries,...

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Full body workout in water!

Working out in the gym is not for everyone, so consider working out in in your community pool, local YMCA, or gym’s pool instead! Exercising in water is one of the best fitness tools by far. Aquatic exercises provide so many benefits to improve...

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Seek out a certified Reflexologist!

Let’s imagine you’re walking down the street, and you see a sign advertising in big bold letters Jenny’s Wellness Studio $10 for a Reflexology Session. Stop for a minute and ask yourself: “is Jenny certified to do reflexology?” Buyer beware because if she’s not,...

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