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Breathing properly?

Every step we take to breathing “well” each day. 

Suffice it to say, breathing is essential to life and being alive. We do it normally and naturally about 15 to 17 breaths per minute, or we take about 24,000 breaths a day. But, are you breathing normally? Good breathing is an essential factor of good health. Sadly, many of us spend too much time each day taking unconscious shallow breaths that can increase our stress levels.

Proper breathing techniques:

It’s important to learn how to breathe the correct way and learning breathing techniques. The aim is to live healthier and better. Unlike our heartbeat or digestion which are uncontrollable, breath is a bodily function we can consciously control. Breathe is something we can control. Just think, whenever you are at the doctor giving blood, they say, “relax and take a deep breath.” They tell us this for a reason. Maybe when you’re stressed out you say to yourself (or have been told by someone close to you), ‘pause, take a deep breath.” It does help keep an anxiety attack at bay.

Breathing properly can impart wonders on your well-being. Not only will paying regular attention to your breathing give you a good bead on your mental and emotional state, you’ll also zap into an easy yet effective way to manage stress and anxiety.

The reason I’m writing this blog is that many people simply are unaware they aren’t breathing properly. So, okay, how do we breathe properly?

Aim is to breathe steadily and effortlessly:

To do this we need to breathe from our belly. Sadly, by the time we’re toddlers we’ve already adopted improper breathing habits that become ingrained.


Step 1 – pay attention to your breath.

What’s happening when you are happy, sad, stressed, frustrated, exercising, having sex?  Controlling your breath or being aware of your breathing patterns helps you calm down. Try to practice and get good at it calming your breathing while you’re walking, doing house chores, driving your car, walking in the park.

Step 2 – learn how to breathe with your diaphragm.

It’s the muscle that lays beneath your rib cage. You use this muscle when you laugh and sing. ‘The aim is to use your diaphragm to expel anxiety and stress. Doing so sends a signal to your nervous system announcing “Hey, I’m relaxed.”

Step 3 – Breath properly by taking long, deliberate inhales.

Take these long inhales at designated times throughout the day. Count to 3 as you breathe in, and count 3 as you exhale, making each inhale and exhale the same length without stopping.

The final objective is this:

Try to breath deeply for 10-20 minutes per day. Doing so will help modify your mental and emotional state, plus benefit the physical benefits affects on the whole body. Reduce anxiety and stress. Close your eyes and just breath …

I acknowledge that this image is borrowed from Innerself: The healing power of breath, March 27, 2017. Thank you!



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