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Vitamin D and You!

Taking vitamin D on a daily basis, especially for us Canadians, is so very important. Often this vitamin is nick named the “sunshine vitamin” because our body can manufacture its own vitamin D when it is directly exposed to sunlight. All that’s required is about 10 minutes a day of midday, non-sunscreen full exposure to […]

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The Beauty of Chan’Beaute’s Facial Reflexology

There’s an old idiom that says ‘beauty is only skin deep.’ Sure, it’s true because we know that external beauty does not automatically translate into someone being good, kind, or necessarily possesses other positive qualities. But you can be beautiful inside an out. Feeling attractive is very important to our self-esteem; it’s one of the […]

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Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs

For decades, companies rarely if ever invested any resources in taking care of their employees physical and mental well-being. It was practically unheard of. If there was any talk of introducing such programs, management and workers alike considered them “fluffy” activities and gave them little attention or appreciation. However, over time attitudes have changed. Stress […]

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Reflexology vs. Massage

Ho-lis-tic is an adjective that means, “related to a complete system rather than an individual part.” When applied to health care, “holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind, the body, and the spirit,” rather than specific parts of the body.  By ancient design, reflexology is a holistic art or therapy. So how does it […]

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Serving you at Calgary’s Market on Macleod

I love treating you at my home studio, to provide you with an appropriate reflexology treatment, but now I’m also ready to meet with you at Calgary’s Market on Macleod.  This fantastic ‘market’ is easily found at 7711 Macleod Trail South, between 75th Avenue SW to the north and Heritage Drive SW to the south. […]

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Broga! Yoga for dudes is here

There is hardly a more enduring exercise routine than yoga. It’s been practiced for over 5,000 so it must be doing something right, and people must find it beneficial. One of the main reason’s it’s so effective is that it’s a two-for-one meaning it provides us with a total body AND mind workout. Yoga combines […]

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New fitness trends are here!

I have always been a health active person. I try to eat well and very much enjoy Nordic walking in the great outdoors not far from my home. Over time I have come to learn that beyond our standard conception of exercise, there are new fitness trends emerging. Some have been around a while but […]

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Reflexology versus Acupressure

As the term suggests, complementary therapies complement rather than replace traditional medicine, including acupressure. It’s prudent that you inform both your complementary therapist and medical physician about which conditions are plaguing you and seeking help with. It’s clear that over time, many of the benefits offered by complementary therapies have grown in popularity and are […]

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Become a Canada Helps supporter!

Not long ago we celebrated Thanksgiving Day; it’s a great time to pause and give thanks to all that we enjoy in living in Canada. But giving thanks is sometimes not quite enough. Throughout my career I have been driven to assist and care for others. I care for people who are struggling to relieve […]

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Blissful benefits of Indian Head Massage

One of the services I offer is the soothing benefits of a head massage. It’s a treatment that has many names. It’s known as Indian Head Massage, Champissage, Champi, Ayurvedic Head Massage, or as Healing Head Massage. No matter the name, it’s very therapeutic especially if you are a busy person on the go who […]

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Reflexology when you’re pregnant

For many women being pregnant can trigger many emotions. Most of them positive, optimistic, excitement and expectation. However, sometimes you’ve got to muster up the strength to deal with occasional discomfort and the conditions that pregnancy brings. Muscle and nerve pain are typically at the top of this list. Know from the start that most […]

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