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Celebrate Canada Today!

Even though we might not be able to get out and party, we can still celebrate this fantastic country.

Here’s why Canadians think their country is so great:

  • Canada has a great, world-wide reputation with other countries
  • Canadians invented Hockey and have some of the best athletes in the sport
  • There are over 2 million Canadian patents, which includes major inventions like the telephone, cable television and insulin
  • Canada has a low crime rate
  • Canadians are polite, courteous and easy to talk to
  • Canada has one of the top education systems in the world
  • Canadian universities are world-renowned for quality education and cheap tuitions
  • The government pays for healthcare and medicine.  In other words, no hospital bills!
  • Canada has many nice and clean cities that lead the world in quality of life: Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
  • Canada is a peaceful nation and is at peace with many countries
  • Canada has more clean water than any other nation
  • Hockey is Canada, Canada is hockey!
  • There’s a lot of famous Canadians from Pamela Anderson to Mike Myers
  • Canada has lots of world-renown Ski Resorts
  • The Canadian economy is living up to most of its potential of all the G7 nations
  • Canadian students rank higher than American students in Math, Science and English
  • 1/3 of Microsoft programmers come from the University of Waterloo in Canada
  • Titanic, written, directed and produced by a Canadian- James Cameron
  • Canada receives more immigrants per capita than the U.S. (almost twice as much)
  • Canada among most popular tourist destinations in the world
  • There are 4 glorious seasons
  • We have the best wildlife in the world and put images of them on our money
  • Canada is a free and democratic society … so what more could we ask for?


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