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Circulator Foot Massage Mat: the gift that keeps giving

Scratching your head trying to think, ‘what can I give my loved one for the holidays that will promote their health and well-being?’  Consider the Circulator Foot Massage Mat! This devise is excellent for treating tired achy feet, and more!  It strengthens internal organs, increases metabolism, improves memory, boosts sleep quality, and eliminates tension to relax your body.  Simply by marching-in-step on this mat each day for about 2-minutes, you can increase energy and vitality from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. Foot reflexology has been used to improve health and wellness for thousands of years by:

  • Increasing your physical and mental well-being;
  • Releasing foot tension, aches, and pain;
  • Increasing energy, circulation, and blood flow;
  • Enhancing stress relief; and
  • Invigorating tired, aching, and sore feet.

The way our feet feel affects how our entire body feels. The Circulator Foot Massage Mat is designed to help you profit from an quick invigorating self-massage by marching on the mat for a foot massage workout. The Mat is soft, yet durable, light weight, and easy to store.  It’s made up of molded high-quality rubber, covered with more that 1,500 small cones to massage the feet, plus there’s a bulge in the center to work out the foot’s instep. Always wear socks when using the Mat.  Watch me on YouTube to see how easily yet effective it works. Pamper your tired achy feet this holiday season by contacting me today to inquire about the Circulator Foot Massage Mat today.


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