Dien Chan Tools

All Dien Chan tools (small and large; see below) are handcrafted from high quality metals, wood, and sustainable natural horn.  Purchase them by following these easy steps:

  • Review the list(s) below, and jot down the item number(s) e.g. 128, 308
  • Send me an email listing the tools you’d like to buy.
  • I will respond to you within 2-business days (or less) to help place your order.

Small Beauty Tools Used on the Face

Item# Name of Tool / Description
 101 Smooth Sphere Detector is used to detect & treat the sensitivity in  specific area of the face, therefore helping to determine where our body’s  imbalance is located. Used to relieve tension in specific areas. See: How-to video $35 +GST
 103 Detector Yang Ball is used to stimulate micro-circulation and disperse congestion. Fights against wrinkles. See: How-to Video  $40 +GST
 128 Yin-Yang Little Hammer is used to provide deep stimulation without damaging the skin. Fights against headaches by gently tapping on the temples. See: How-to Video  $40 +GST
 133 Comet Detector is used for lymphatic drainage, targeted massage, and to generally to detoxify. See: How-to Video  $40 +GST
 206 Pronged Yin Roller & Spiked Mini Yang Ball are used to treat migraines, stomach aches, alleviating muscular tension and calming the nervous system. See: How-to Video
 $45 +GST
 207 Concave Roller & Smooth Brass Sphere are used to dissipate heat and relieve eye tension. Also used to treat disorders of the feet and bladder. See: How-to Video
 $45 +GST
 219 Small Rake & Toothed Brass Cylinder are used to bring down body temperature and treat headaches. Also, used to treat dry skin problems, and relieve sunburn. See: How-to Video  $40 +GST
 252 Small Brush & Smooth Yin Cylinder are used to provide precise and deep stimulation on small facial surfaces. Also used to alleviate teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and other facial muscle tension. See: How-to Video  $45 +GST
 307 Double Mini Yang Ball is used to activate micro-circulation and blood and lymph flow. Helps lubricate the joints, relieving feelings of stiffness. See: How-to Video  $45 +GST
 308 Double Mini Yin Roller is used to promote joint lubrication by activating body fluids. See: How-to Video  $45 +GST
 375 Pink Beauty Pad is used on the scalp to treat a variety of disorders. Helps to re-balance hydration to fight against dandruff. Used on the face to reactivate facial muscles to relieve blockages. See: How-to Video  $55 +GST
 416 Yin Rake is used to relieve tension in the nervous system. Helps to promote good circulation, re-balance the head & brains energy lines. Relieves back and neck pain. See: How-to Video  $35 +GST
 424 Massage Stick is used to release knots in the back, thighs, and shoulders. Helps to promote lymphatic drainage. See: How-to Video  $30 +GST

Large Tools Used on the Body

411 Double Yin Ball is used for treating circulation problems in the limbs. Used to improve blood flow &  treat varicose veins. Aids in relieving tension in the shoulders, legs, and back. See: How-to Video $55 +GST
430 Big Yin Yang Hammer is used to draw blood and lymph to the surface of our skin’s surface to nourish it and tone tissues. See: How-to Video $55 +GST
432 Yang Health Ball is used on all parts of the body. It can be used to calm menstrual pain & helps respiratory disorders. See: How-to Video $20 +GST
433 Yin Health Ball is used to drain and mobilize body fluids, and detoxify the body. See: How-to Video $20 +GST
438 Triple Yang Roller is used to reduce fatty deposits and cellulite. Tones loose skin. See: How-to Video $68 +GST
DC-Mimidiagrams-Book Dien Chan’s Multireflexology Mini Diagrams Book $15 +GST
DC-Book Dien Chan’s Multireflexology Course Book $55 +GST