Dien Chan (Facial Reflexology)

FacialBelieve it and feel it!  Dien Chan (also called facial or multi-reflexology, or face therapy), is here in Calgary to serve you.

Dien Chan is the original method of facial reflexology, developed by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, from Vietnam, a teacher and practitioner of acupuncture.

It is a natural healing therapy developed and refined since 1980 that’s aimed at facial rejuvenation. Similar to the principles that support reflexology, facial reflexology focuses on manipulating 257 points and reflex zones (see illustration below) located in the face. Simulating them with hands and gentle tools helps alleviate neck and back pain, and other discomforts. It’s aim is to promote facial rejuvenation, as well as bolster the state of our health and well-being. To more fully describe it:

By combining the theories of I-Ching and Tao, and relying on detailed observation of similarities and differences in facial shape, plus clinical trials on thousands of patients, Professor Châu created a map to show the fixed points of his system called  Dien Chan. In 1984, he proved that pressure point simulation has rapid and profound effects. As a result, he no longer needed to use acupuncture needles in his treatments.

Professor Châu created 25 diagrams or face charts to illustrate various ways to receive relief from:


  • Migraines;
  • Digestive complaints;
  • Lumbago;
  • Poor circulation;
  • Cramps;
  • Sciatica;
  • Torticollis or twisted neck;
  • Weight loss;
  • Wrinkle removal;
  • Cellulite loss; and so many more distresses.



In partnership with using hands, fingers and thumbs to stimulate the facial reflex points, gentle tools are used too.

This equipment is handmade by artisans in  Vietnam, who use only sustainable materials such as wood, horn (recovered from farm animals at the end of their natural life), and high quality metals. See the list of tools for purchase.

Learn how to do some simple daily facial massages to keep you feeling fresh and toned. Plus learn how to use some of the multireflexology facial and body tools to keep your muscles toned and relaxed:

The 12 Morning Massages (from the Intl School of Multireflexology)
Doing these massages daily are useful to maintain health, youth, prevent illness, and to reinforce muscle and skin tone.

I also invite you to watch me demonstrate how to use the Dien Chan multireflexology tools:

Come see how I can help you feel beautiful inside and out as I am pleased to now offer you facial reflexology!

Text borrowed from the faceasit.com website on June 7, 2016.                                                                                                                                 Illustration borrowed from the Ulla-zone-reflex: Dien Chan website on 7 June 2016.