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Easing back-to-school anxiety

With August and now Labour Day behind us, many parents are helping their kids get off to school today. For some children, it’s an exciting time, for others it a sad and traumatic experience. By now you’ve picked up all the requisite school supplies, and have shopped for a few new set of clothes. But, it can be an emotionally apprehensive time as September and the new school year gets underway. A lot of this stress is due to the change in routine, from the lazy days of summer to the daily routine of the school year. Its’ challenging. So what’s to be done. Hopefully these tips will be helpful:

Acknowledge Feelings:

One easy way to alleviate stress is to let your kids talk about what’s bothering them. Open avenues to allow them to talk about their back-to-school anxieties. Carve out some one-on-one time even for a few minutes to let them talk about their feelings. The aim is to acknowledge and validate their feelings about giving them permission to discuss them.

Back-to-School Routines:

After lazing about all summer it’s hard to switch gears and jump right into a daily routine. But routines help alleviate anxiety because children know what to expect. While to occasional late night or sleep-in will happen, getting into a routine helps reduce the shock to the system.

Rehearse the Skills:

Practice, practice, practice! It’s important to rehearse the skills that cause kids anxiety which include getting up, sharing the bathroom, getting dressed, packing up the backpack, and heading out the door. Stick to a schedule and some of this anxiety will reduce.

Share Experiences:

For parents, telling your own back-to-school experiences helps your children understand that their fears and anxieties are real. Telling stories helps you kids learn that their feelings are normal.


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