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Embedding reflexology into the workplace makes cents!

Happy, healthy, and hardworking employees are productive employees. They are your biggest asset, no matter the size of your business. Having a fit workforce is the key to a company’s strength, growth and performance.

So, why do we discover each year that millions of work hours are lost due to employee stress-related ailments? What’s going on? No matter the field or industry, the most frequent complaint workers report is that they are stressed, plain and simple. They are asked to do more, work longer, all for shrinking salaries and rising expectations.

Be proactive and help curb this trend. Adopt preventative strategies that target future risks to your employee’s health and well-being by incorporating reflexology into your company’s health & wellness packages. This ancient healing system is perfectly designed to address many of the core health complaints employees’ reports. Reflexology’s main purpose it to conquer the stresses and strains, aches and pains that have emerged from the frenetic pace of contemporary life. Reflexology not only reduces stress, but also nervous tension, insomnia, headaches, head, neck and shoulder tension, and even depression.  It’s been proven that when you receive regular reflexology treatments, your stress levels will drop, allowing your body to function optimally at all levels. Properly trained and certified Reflexology Therapists, like me, will work with you to bring your entire body back into balance, nurturing you back into a state of overall well-being.

Studies have shown that employees that receive reflexology treatments cope better with stress, and develop an elevated sense of well being, it boosts morale, increases alertness, motivation, and focus. For decades now, many companies in Denmark, England, Germany, and Australia hire Reflexology Therapists to provide sessions to their students. Many independent studies have revealed that reflexology targets a person’s core ailment faster than other complementary therapies. In fact, in Canada insurance companies like Claim Sure, Co-Operators, Green Shield, and League have included reflexology into their advance plans or spending accounts for employees.

It’s easy for reflexology to ‘work’ for your company. Reflexology Therapists, like me, are hired to carry out on-site treatments for employees. The set up is minimal but the benefits are huge. Treatments last approximately 30-minutes where all that’s required is a small private room where a massage table is set up. The employee is required to remove shoes and socks and lie back and enjoy a relaxing and beneficial treatment. What an easy, natural, cost-effective way to develop and maintain a healthy workforce.

Make room for health in your workplace by embedding reflexology!


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