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Expectant mothers benefit from reflexology

Being an expectant mother can feel exhilarating and scary all at the same time. Typically you’re on a physical roller coaster where dramatic changes are happening to your body, and at the same time you’re also riding an emotional wave where you feel happy, sick and tolerating every other emotion in-between. All kinds of other things are happening to you too. You might be experiencing morning sickness, weight gain to your breasts and feet, increased appetite, and you might be feeling grouchy and moody more than usual. Where do you get help?

Reflexology for expectant mothers is available to you! Over the years, women have expressed the desire to find alternatives so they may steer away from blindly ingesting drugs and undergoing medical interventions to help alleviate their pregnancy symptoms. Happily it’s been the emergence of the practices developed by the healing arts which have become welcomed “prescriptions.” Reflexology provides the natural pain relief you’re looking for, without any side effects except leaving feeling great. I will customize a session for you depending on your needs. Generally speaking, during a typical session I will apply light pressure and gentle stretching to find blockages to help you become free from tension and stress, and help prevent some of these conditions from flaring up during pregnancy: anxiety, backache, constipation, sleeplessness, nausea, muscle tension, and more!

Experienced Reflexology Therapists like me know that women given reflexology during pregnancy aided in reducing the labour process consequently fewer if any drugs were requested and consumed. More specifically, reflexology designed for mothers-to-be boosts their body’s balance, and subsequent ability to cope with all the rigors of pregnancy. It’s gentle, safe, soothing, and above all it’s natural. Stop feeling uncomfortable and get rejuvenated! Schedule a reflexology session with me today.

Image used: “Pregnant” Taken May 27, 2014 by Jerry Lal, CC by 2.0


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