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Foot reading for better health

Solestry is the art of foot reading. It’s what Reflexology Therapists routinely do when you consult with them about stress and/or pain you might be experiencing, especially in your feet. The state of your health is reflected in your feet. On average, 2 in 10 people take regular note of their foot health. We need to be mindful that the health of our feet mirrors our general well-being. Foot reading can often reveal many things about your digestive system functioning to the state of your emotional well-being. Various foot pathologies such as dryness, bunions, swelling, and inflammation reveal things about your internal and external challenges. And, pain associated with our feet can often be warning signs of more serious health conditions.

Here are some revelations as seen on the feet:

  • Flaking skin: The skin represents your reaction to life. If foot skin is flaky, you are not looking after yourself. You’re pushing yourself too hard.
  • Dark patches of skin on the toe pads: This can indicate depression; depressed people tend to walk on the front of their feet, pushing their weight forwards.
  • Ridged nails: If your toe nails are vertically ridged, you may have a problem with your digestive or metabolic system, indicating very high stress levels.
  • Bunions: Are indicative of someone who is running themselves ragged for others.
  • Calluses on the ball of the foot: The ball of the foot is associated with the shoulders. Calluses here indicates someone with bad posture. Perhaps you’re exhausted or shouldering too much responsibility?
  • Patches of dark red or purple color: These discoloured areas point towards an emotional wound. If your feet are paler than the rest of your body, your circulation is weak.
  • Swelling under the ball of the foot: This area represents the stomach and liver. If there is swelling there you should cut back on alcohol and fatty food.
  • Cracked heels: Poor digestion, excess heat produced in body which is not balanced. Should avoid spicy and fried food. Should always cover feet with socks and shoes.

Proper foot health and frequent reflexology treats go together. Enjoy the benefits of a deeply relaxing reflexology session BUT KNOW THAT repeat sessions are vital in order to maintain good health. To maintain a healthy and well functioning body you need a reflexology tune-up every 4-6 weeks. It’ll free you from the constant barrage of tension and stress. That way, you’ll feel good daily, living a healthy pain-free life.


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