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Full body workout in water!

Working out in the gym is not for everyone, so consider working out in in your community pool, local YMCA, or gym’s pool instead! Exercising in water is one of the best fitness tools by far. Aquatic exercises provide so many benefits to improve overall health and well-being.  Working out in the water doesn’t feel much like work so it’s almost impossible not to smile as you jump into a pool, and begin enjoying your workout so you’ll stick with it.

Water exercises:

… provide resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity.

support your weight, making workouts easier on joints, reducing chances for an injury, especially if you’re overweight, out-of-shape.

help you heal faster; often recommended when you have joint injuries, infections, have had surgery, to stay fit and shorten recovery time.

give relief from symptoms of chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, arthritis.

improve balance, agility and endurance, which is a great confidence boost for anyone who has shied away from exercise in the past.

accelerate burning fat, where you can burn a higher level of calories in a shorter time.

Ready to give it a go?  Try this workout in the pool’s shallow end doing each 2-minutes each.

  1. Jog in place, keeping knees high.
  2. Tick-tock hop, quickly jumping from side to side, keeping feet together.
  3. Knee twist, where you cross right elbow toward left knee at waist. Alternate sides.
  4. Squat jump, by squatting down with arms extended at shoulder height; jump as high as possible while raising arms overhead.
  5. Jog in place, keeping knees high.
  6. Bicycle, by leaning back against side of pool, arms outstretched at edge. Pedal legs at surface.
  7. Flutter kick, by holding onto the edge of pool, arms extended; kick legs quickly.
  8. Pendulum swing, by extending legs in front of you. Swing up and over to the right, then left, keeping them together and underwater.
  9. Crunch, by extending legs, keeping feet together. Pull both knees into chest. Return to starting position.
  10. Outer-thigh lift, by standing with left side near the wall of the pool, feet together, holding edge with left hand. Lift right leg out to side. Do 20 reps on each side.


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