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Healthy Foot Tip 6: Inner Soles

Today is part six of a new blog series called Healthy Feet Tips. In this series, I’ll be writing on several issues that plague our poor aching feet.  On average, depending on your mobility, we take 5,000 daily steps, we stand for long periods of time, and we often wear ill fitting footwear. What I’d like to share with you today is how we can give our feet some tender loving care.  Today’s topic is about Inner Soles.

Why shoe inserts?

Shoe inserts or inner soles can help with foot problems like flat arches, and foot and leg pain. Theses devices provide extra support for different parts of your feet, like your heel, arch, or ball of the foot.  Shoe inserts are bought over-the counter typically in a pharmacy, shoe store, sports store, and beyond. They ae different from custom made orthotics which are measured and prescribed by a physician, designed for the specific curvature of your foot(feet).

How do I find the best inserts for my feet?

As mentioned, shoe inserts are found and bought over-the-counter. Choosing the right inset can be difficult and confusing. What you need to ask yourself is – what do you want the insert to do? 

Do you need additional support because you stand a lot?  Are you a walker who wants a little extra padding in your shoes?

Here’s a quick guide that may help you:

  • For low arches or flat heels – get arch support
  • For extra cushioning throughout the feet – get insoles
  • For extra cushioning in the heel – get heel liners or heel cups
  • For cushioning to protect against heel and toe rubbing – get foot cushion inserts
  • AND, one of the easiest ways to strengthen your feet is by doing daily foot exercises as laid out in this guide;
  • Have fun and keep walking!

Have questions? Simply reach out to me at Step Forward to Better Health.

I acknowledge that this image is borrowed from the eBay on November 28, 2016. Thank you!


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