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Healthy Foot Tip 7: Benefit of Going Barefoot

Today is the last of a seven part series called Healthy Feet Tips. In this series, I’ll be writing on several issues that plague our poor aching feet.  On average, depending on your mobility, we take 5,000 daily steps, we stand for long periods of time, and we often wear ill fitting footwear. What I’d like to share with you today is how we can give our feet some tender loving care.  Today’s topic is about the benefits of going barefoot.

Why do this?

Going barefoot is the easiest form of foot care you can do.  It seems so simple to do yet we ignore all the wonderful benefits your feet, mind, and body can reap from taking off your shoes and socks and taking a walk on the grass or ground. Yes, you need to be mindful and look out for sharp objects (rocks, broken glass, twigs, pieces of metal) but beyond this going barefoot is very therapeutic.

Here are some good reasons to go barefoot from time to time:

It cleanses your mind. It can calm down your racing thoughts, allowing you to be mindful and live in the moment. The human body contains over 60% water, and water as we know conducts electricity. Mother earth is made up of negative ions, so walking barefoot on the ground or bare earth adds that charge to our body.  Negative ions are good in that they help us: detoxify, and synchronize our internal clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms. If you live near water, get some negative ions by walking barefoot on the beach, along the lake shore, or walk through a gentle stream. Even sitting with your feet dangling in water is great too. Keep it simple.

It is good for your sole. Walking barefoot in the grass can help decrease anxiety and depression by 62 percent, and increases the levels of those feel good endorphins. Turn off the t.v., put down that cell phone, get out of that car. Return to what matters. Going barefoot doesn’t just impact on your feet but has an impact on your whole being. Connect with nature, enjoy the sunshine, feel the wind. Do this often to put things into perspective.

It strengthens your foot, leg and hip muscles. Walking barefoot strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles, calves and hips. Doing this goes a long way to prevent any future injuries, strains, and hip and back problems. Not only that, but because it works muscles not used when you’re wearing shoes, it strengthens and stretches your core, helping keep your posture upright, and your balance spot on.

It enables a good night sleep. Many ancient people believed that walking barefoot in the grass was the best cure for insomnia. Many modern people swear by it. Some people say it helps to eliminate snoring.

Plus, going barefoot also:

  • Improves your posture and overall balance;
  • Decreases your blood pressure;
  • Improves your circulation;
  • Reduces inflammation and chronic pain, and speeds healing
  • Relieves headaches, and lowers stress;
  • Supports adrenal health;
  • Increases your energy.

Last but not least, going barefoot stimulates your reflex points. There are reflex points in every zone or part of your body especially in your feet. Every little bump and rock on the path helps to stimulate these points. At first it might hurt a bit but over time these sensitivities will go away, where the former areas of tenderness will be rejuvenated, helping to reduce if not eliminate the symptoms of whatever ails you.

Have questions? Simply reach out to me at Step Forward to Better Health.

Image used: “Strides Out,” Taken on August 10, 2007 by Jenny DowningCC by 2.0


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