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Help! I have a migraine!

What a pain! They can last for days. Besides headaches, migraines are one of the most common pains that folks suffer from, especially women. As reported by the United States’ National Headache Foundation, people aged between 15-55 suffer most from migraines, and three-quarters of all sufferers have a family history of them. Suffice it to say, a migraine is often very debilitating. It is essentially a vascular headache which is the result of blood vessel enlargement. Common warning signs are flashes of light, blind spots, tingling arms and legs, nausea, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. The excruciating pain that migraines bring can last for hours or even days.

But what launches a migraine? Allergies, bright lights, loud noises, odors, stress, changes in sleep patterns, exposure to smoke, skipping meals, alcohol, and hormone fluctuations have been studied as factors in bring on a migraine. Help is near! Reflexology can help. It promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body to encouraging the flow of blood; this is done through massaging pivotal parts or areas of the hands and feet. Reflexology not only helps stop pain but more importantly relieves the source of the pain. Applying pressure to specific body regions helps to clear blockages so that energy may flow freely throughout the body releasing endorphins. Schedule a session with me today so that you can once again be relieved from migraine pain and feeling refreshed and in-balance again.

Image used: “migraine buster,” Taken November 22, 2015 by final gather, CC by 2.0


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