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How to Reach your Health Goals

With all the demands placed on us these days, it’s no wonder it can be difficult to reach our personal health goals. Loosing weight is a goal for many of us but people also strive to adopt healthier habits, to keep off the weight, drink more water, stay energized, and just be happy. Here’s some strategies I’m offering you to consider when you’re determined to finally stop procrastinating and get a plan in place.

What’s your overall plan? 

Stop and think about – what would make a healthy you? Create a vision board. Begin by visualizing:  what you want to experience? how do you want to feel? who do you want to become?  Make this step not a chore but instead something fun and inspiring. Be aspirational. Think big. Put joy into this step. A mental image is a great way to start, where you have an actual board with pictures on it to capture what the perfect healthy you look like.

Break it down

Don’t expect to be healthy on day 2 because you took a walk. Make each step along the way small, achievable, and most importantly attainable. It’s more motivational and frankly better for your soul to tick off a series of small goals than aim at one giant goal that’s too big a step.

Manage your expectations

None of us are perfect.  You can’t expect to stay on track 100% of the time. If you’re not into it one day, don’t worry just let it go. But, promise yourself I’ll get right back on the program. Focus on the aim that you’re aiming towards making life-long changes.

Stop sabotaging yourself

Don’t get down or think negatively about yourself. The fact it you’ve made a huge step by just deciding to make positive, healthy changes. The constant negative talk gets heavy and drags you down. Love yourself because positive thinking does have an impact.

Switch it up a bit

It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise. Life gets busy and there are 100 other things to get in the way. The key is finding something you love to do. Instead of dragging yourself to the treadmill, why not try some new classes to see what sticks? Turn your thinking around to look at the positives.


Unless you are accountable, you will never really change your habits. There is always an excuse that allows you to easily slip into old patterns. Depending on your personality, there are several strategies including simple smartphone apps, journaling or working with a health coach.


There is no magic pill that makes things happen overnight. We all know making changes is hard and can be frustrating. The truth is if you stick with it you will feel better, look better and live longer. Life, laugh, and have fun on your path to becoming a healthier you.


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