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In Gratidude of Past and Present Clients

In Gratidude of Past and Present Clients

In Gratitude of Past and Present Clients

Looking over the past couple of years and remembering my past and present clients, it’s with a sense of wonderment and deep gratitude that these people, my dear clients have put their trust and faith in me to help them on their healing journey.

It always give me great joy and respect when I see my clients getting better and how they respond and embrace their current issue or condition, as they come to realize their body’s ability to self-heal. Many start taking on the responsibility of doing their “homework” I always show clients different techniques the can do to enhance their own healing. Many start changing their lifestyles, as the present lifestyles are no longer serving them. Lots start exercising, try new and healthier diets and others seek deeper and start meditation and read spiritual books to help them towards their new found goals and aspirations.

I would like to share a few of my client’s journeys. (All names have been changed).

Mr. Van Der Merwe was an elderly gentleman with Parkinson. His symptoms were shaking hands and feet, dizziness and his speech at times hard to understand. He was also on heavy medications. Treatments began, one session a week for 19 weeks. By then his hands were no longer shaking he walked with more confidence he spoke better, was less dizzy and his medication was cut in half.

William was my best friend’s 3 month old baby. He was for some reason constipated even though he was breastfed. I worked on Williams large and small reflex points for intestines. Within less than 2 min. we heard something like an “explosion” and this joyful expression on Williams face. To this day I am grateful that he was wearing his Pampers!

Julie had been in a car accident the year before and she had to undergo  neck operation. This however left her with strong pain running down her right side from her neck, shoulder arm, elbow wrist and hand. Julie had dealt with this pain for over a year when she was recommended to try reflexology. Glad to say that after only 7 treatments Julie’s symptoms has lessened drastically. No more pain from her neck to her elbow. Her wrist and hand is improving as well.

An old farmer who needed knee replacement could hold the pain at bay until his operation.

A marathon runner training to become an iron woman suffered from plantar fasciitis, 7 treatments later the pain and stiffness had disappeared and she was ready to run, swim and bicycle again.

I have also treated many who suffer from the pain of arthritis and with a bit of patience the condition nearly always improve.

As many of you might know, since becoming a Doula I have used reflexology to prepare both Mom and baby for the miracle of birth. It energizes you, and gives you a healthier and often easier pregnancy with a greater chance of a shorter easier labour/delivery and recovery after birth.

This is just a few clients I have assisted and worked with for them to achieve their vision of optimum health.

I like to thank all my clients, past and present for their trust and faith in me and their own COURAGE to see it through, and live their lives as they were meant to.



 The Spirit in you”. It’s an ancient Sanskrit greeting still in everyday use in India. Translated roughly, it means “I bow to the God within you”, or “The Spirit within me salutes your spirit.


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