Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, Champi, Ayurvedic Head Massage, or as Healing Head Massage, is a lusciously therapeutic.  It emerges out of India where Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine, was developed. This therapy concentrates on massaging the face, head/scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper back and arms. What better way to be awarded the release of stress and tension in these body regions that often can be so stiff and sore? As we know, the brain is the core of the nervous system. By massaging the scalp and neck, I’m treating your whole body as your nerves, blood and lymph vessels run down your spine to all the other regions of your body.


Indian Head Massage is given while you’re seated and over your clothing so it’s very easy to administer. There are numerous benefits from receiving head massage. These include: stress relief by breaking down knots and nodules in muscle tissue, promotes a clearer mind where you feel refreshed, awake and uplifted, stimulates blood circulation, plus it’s beneficial for hair growth and shine. Indian Head Massage may be applied to relieve:

  • Eye strain;
  • Tension headaches and the onset of migraines;
  • Earaches;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Jaw ache;
  • Sinus congestion;
  • Insomnia.

Disclosure. Indian Head Massage is not for everyone. You should not request this session if you suffer from any of these conditions:

  • Any recent head or neck injury, including whiplash or concussion;
  • Severe bruising in the head, upper arms, neck and spine;
  • Infectious skin and scalp disorders;
  • Cuts and abrasions to the head, neck, upper arms;
  • Having undergone a recent operation;
  • High temperature, illness and fever;
  • Cancer or any other serious medical condition;
  • Osteoporosis.

Want to learn more? Consider reading what clients are saying by reading these  testimonials. Get your bounce by contacting me today.Please do not apply hair gel or hair spray before your session.

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