Reflexology to Enhance Fertility (for couples)

Reflexology to enhance fertility is designed to care for the mind, body and spirit of mom, dad, and baby during preconception, pregnancy, and the post-natal period. This therapy can be applied to help create the best environment possible to help couples conceive. This is a complementary health support therapy for those experiencing infertility issues, and for pregnant women but is not a substitute for obstetric or medical care.

infertilityIn order to acquire a deep and calming state of relaxation, which is the perfect stage to enter in order to conceive, couples are reaching out to gain the benefits of fertility reflexology. Stress is an enemy. Staying calm, feeling good, and maintaining balance gives couples the optimum chance of conceiving. There is no better way to de-stress and re-balance your body than to do it the natural way through the gentle touch of reflexology. Pre-conceptual care is all about preparing the body, mind and spirit for the miracle of conceiving. Both men and women are encouraged to have reflexology treatments to help stimulate his healthy sperm production, and regulate her menstrual cycle.

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