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Is Reflexology the Magic Stress Buster you have to try?

Is Reflexology the Magic Stress Buster you have to try?

Is Reflexology the Magic Stress Buster you have to try?

First, the bad news: stress-related illness is at an all time high. Constant stress is dangerous to health. There are helpful and effective ways to reduce and eliminate stress. The key is to start now and practice consistency.

Is Reflexology the Magic Stress Buster

Is Reflexology the Magic Stress Buster?

Statistics show that 95 % of healthcare visits in America are stress-related. More than 30 % of people say they are under constant stress and 80 % indicate their stress has grown in the last 5 years. Stress causes useless fatigue, emotional and physical pain and subsequent dis-ease.

Lifestyle Tips for Stress Reduction:

Regular daily exercise & walks to oxygenate tissue and keeping fit.Avoid smoking, which increases stress. Nicotine constricts blood vessels.Get away for a short vacation, even if  it is just a weekend or a one day getaway.
Learn relaxing breathing techniques to integrate during your day. Discover how to take instant mini-vacations in the midst of stress with visualization and breathing techniques. Allow this to become a natural part of your day.
Meditate to quiet the mind and develop a daily practice. Learn a 10-minute routine that you can use anytime, anywhere.
Allow yourself to experience with different techniques that could  benefits  your health and wellbeing: therapeutic touch, massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology all have shown effective results to reduce stress, and induce a sense of wellbeing and peace of mind.

Foot, hand or ear Reflexology is an extremely advantageous therapy that could benefit virtually any individual, regardless of their state of health and wellness.Reflexology is additionally an effective method for improving  blood and lymph flow.  Alleviating pain, and improve your  immune system and nerve impulses. Many people who struggle with illnesses such as allergic reactions, persistent sinus troubles, acid reflux, migraines, PMS, menopause, sleeplessness, persistent tiredness, fertility troubles and even arthritis have  been helped enormously by Reflexology treatments.

I’m always here to help you, call me for a free phone consultation.

Is Reflexology the Magic Stress Buster you have to try?


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