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Let’s give thanks and be grateful

Yay! Today’s a holiday in Canada which means ‘we get a long weekend.’ But, it’s more than that as it’s Thanksgiving Day or Jour de l’action de grace.

In Canada, this holiday began in 1879 when it was celebrated at unfixed times but generally in late October or early November. In 1957, it was decided to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year on the 1st Monday in October.

So, what’s it about? Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday designed to remind us what we are thankful for, and an opportunity to cultivate generosity, gratitude and positivity in our life going forward. Seeking out ways to be thankful in our daily comings and goings in life opens doors to inner peace. Many studies show, and may of us innately feel, that a grateful attitude enhances our sense of satisfaction with life.  We are often unable to control what’s happening to us in life BUT we can control how we react to circumstances. When we respond to a situation from a perspective of gratitude, and choose to see the positive side, it helps us live in the present and develop an easygoing and happier state of being.

Try these simple ways to be more grateful this Thanksgiving Day to see for yourself:

  • Compliment yourself and others from the heart;
  • Write an email. a letter, a note, or call a friend;
  • Donate to your local food bank;
  • Give thanks for the small stuff;
  • Laugh!

And, most of all, consider this and even better DO this:

  • This thanksgiving, ask yourself: what am I thankful for?
  • Worry doesn’t change yesterday or tomorrow, but it makes today worse;
  • Gratitude has the power to change the present for the better;
  • Make the most of today, and all the upcoming “todays;”
  • And remember, giving thanks isn’t just for Thanksgiving Day.


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