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Love conquers all even a sore throat

It’s February which means love is in the air! However, now you’re starting to get that tickling feeling in the back of your throat. It’s coming! Getting a sore throat can be one of the worst experiences. We usually catch colds, the flu, sore throats when our immune system is compromised and cannot protect us from it efficiently. This can occur when we’re under a lot of stress, anxiety, generally tired and rundown. In addition, there are environmental causes such as cold and dry weather, that can bring on these ailments on too.

Reflexology can help you combat a sore throat; plus, may also help you get over a cough and an ear ache too. These ailments are common problems that affect your body, no matter the month or season. Get relief through reflexology. It’s designed to promote healing by stimulating the nerves in the body to encouraging the flow of blood. This is done through targeting the reflexes points in the hands and feet. The base of your big toe is the area of the foot related to your throat and neck reflex, so this is the area that would need to be gently touched and stimulated. Massaging the base of your other toes relates to your ears and Eustachian tube reflex. By allowing me to massage these areas, I may help to alleviate your sore throat so long as any accompanying fever has passed. Reflexology can greatly reduce the length of your cold symptoms. While it cannot heal colds and sore throats, reflexology will help you deal with most of the unpleasant aspects such as nasal irritation and sneezing, scratchy throat, congestion, headaches, general weakness, and coughing

Get help today. Schedule a session with me so I can help you concentrate on improving your overall immunity and balancing all your bodily systems. Scheduling a regular reflexology treatment can be useful in tuning up your body to prevent catching sore throats, coughs and cold in the first place.


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