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My family is visiting! Reflexology and Anxiety Relief

Experiencing minor stress and anxiety is not new to any of us. Daily, we get stressed commuting to work, working at the office, prepping for an exam, or paying the bills. But beyond these typical stresses we can get very anxious during holiday time when family members plan to get together and visit you. Often we are burdened with running too many errands, cleaning our homes excessively, managing a number of meal obligations, as well as navigating those old family traditions. What is supposed to be a happy occasion can sometimes be upset by complicated family relationships. It’s no wonder we get overwhelmed. Stress and anxiety can lead to you feeling worn out because you are not sleeping well, getting stomach aches, experiencing heart palpitations and nausea.

Where do you turn to get some immediate relief? Reflexology is here to help you and your family – right at your door – to benefit from a much needed relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. My Family Heeling Package gives each family member a customized session aimed at harmonizing one’s body, mind and spirit. Through the stimulation of specific pressure points, or reflexes on the feet and hands, reflexology can help your body return to a state of calm, reducing your stress, anxiety and tension. Massaging and pressing key body points can gently coaxes your body to improve its blood and lymph circulation, and release toxins from your body’s tissues.

Get your feel good hormones or endorphins flowing! Schedule a reflexology session with me today.

Image used: “Monster Egg” Taken March 31, 2013 by JD Handcock, CC by 2.0


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