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New fitness trends are here!

I have always been a health active person. I try to eat well and very much enjoy Nordic walking in the great outdoors not far from my home. Over time I have come to learn that beyond our standard conception of exercise, there are new fitness trends emerging. Some have been around a while but are only now gaining popularity, while others are just forming.

Indoor Surfing
Indoor surfing is all the rage in that uses a stationary (but pivoting) surfboard to help you focus on using your core muscles to get a surf-inspired workout. Indoor surfers follow an instructor in doing a series of exercises which include jumps and squats. This type of exercise is aimed at conditioning by improving your resistance, your strength, and gives you a darn good cardio session. This type of surfing doesn’t require water, sand, a swim suit, and avoids jelly fish!

Rebounding / Rebounder
A rebounder is a mini trampoline which you use to bounce up and down on to get exercise. It’s easy and fun. More specifically it’s a little more than that. Training routines on a rebounder include squats, hops and knee raises. The whole routine is aimed at improving muscle tone and improved blood supply through the circulatory system. Enthusiasts claim that through the course of a rebounding session, it helps the lymphatic valves pump to drain away poisons or toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, infections, viruses, heavy metals, and other stuff cast off by the cells from the body.

Parkour / Crossfit

Parkour is becoming popular in some circles. Invented in the 1980s in the suburbs of Paris, France this ‘exercise” involves jumping, leaping, and swinging across, over and under obstacles found in the natural environment, such as benches, railings, trees, etc. Now, it’s predicted that it will merge with Crossfit to move indoor to the gym. This hybrid exercise routine focuses on developing strength, agility and gymnastic skills to create the ultimate workout.

Cardio Tennis
This exercise is a high energy fitness routine that mixes the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate calorie burning aerobic workout. It’s a sociable and fun group activity that gives you a full body workout on the tennis court. If you’re a tennis enthusiast, this is designed just for you!
Get moving, stay active, live better!

Image used: “Everybody’s gone surfing – at the gym.”



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