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Reflexology helps the pain go away

What a pain pain is. In our daily lives we experience all sorts of discomfort. This may include tooth aches, headaches, back pain, arthritis, muscle aches, foot sprains, tennis elbow, and a whole host of others. Experiencing pain and seeking relief from it are one of the major reasons why physicians are consulted. Pain is the body’s way of signalling to us that something is wrong, off-balance, and needs looking into. Other that seeing your doctor, where do you turn? More and more people are seeking drug-free relief from reflexology. Through its intension and design, reflexology can help relieve pain to specific areas of the body by simply relieving stress and tension. Our natural inclination is to tense and wince against pain. Conversely reflexology naturally promotes relaxation which supports significant relief from pain. The added bonus is that via a series of gentle pressures being applied to areas not directly affected by the pain, relief is gained.

Reflex points in our feet, ears and hands correspond to various zones in the body. For example massaging pivotal parts or areas of the hands and feet may help to relieve migraines, asthma, foot pain, head colds, and more. It is through the application of pressure to specific reflex points that helps to clear blockages so that energy may flow freely throughout the body releasing those lovely endorphins. Like most therapies, the effectiveness of reflexology depends on how you respond to it which is true of other conventional therapies. As a treatment, when a certified Reflexologist uses their expertise and common sense, it is a completely safe treatment which offers you the utmost in relaxation. In our on-the-go world, what could be better than becoming relaxed through reflexology to reduce stress and tension to curb pain and disease? Refuse to live through the pain. It’s not good for your body or your mental well being. Contact me to schedule a session so you can enjoy each day pain-free!

Image used: “Pain knuckle tattoo,” Taken November 23, 2009 by Steven Depolo, CC by 2.0


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