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Plantar fasciitis, ouch! Can reflexology help?

Plantar fasciitis, ouch!  Can reflexology help?

Yes! If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, reflexology might be your best bet. Reflexology is an ancient healing system, and has been long used to treat all sort of body ailments by stimulating those the key reflex points on the bottom of our feet. The foot massage experienced through a typical reflexology session specifically enables the increase of blood-flow to certain areas of the body, so the pain triggers brought on by plantar fasciitis are directly aimed at stopping.

Plantar fasciitis is wickedly painful, and often hair raising. It’s a inflammatory situation causing heel pain and sometimes heel spurs. Ouch! So why does it happen? Well, it emerges from weakness in the feet experienced from 1) ill fitting shoes, and 2) the length of time spent standing.  Poorly fitting shoes creates tension and/or pain on our heel(s). So what’s to be done?

plnatar-painTo get relief start by stretching your feet. Buy proper fitting shoes that come with arches. In some cases, icing your feet might be all that is needed to relieve pain.

Beyond proper fitting shoes, what can you do? Regular reflexology sessions are beneficial to not only helping alleviate plantar fasciitis pain, but also pain experienced by the whole body. Massaging the ligaments and muscles of the foot leads to relaxed and loosened leg and foot muscles. Our lower legs and feet experience much better circulation, muscle relief, and therefore improved flexibility.

Many athletes, especially joggers and those that compete in Iron Man competitions often suffer from plantar fasciitis.  Reflexology is often the therapy sought after to get deep long-lasting pain relief.

Don’t suffer through the pain but instead get back on your feet again!

Image used: “40+60 Feet. Euw.” Taken on December 29, 2009. by bark, CC by 2.0



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