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Prenatal Yoga for Overall Fitness during Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga for Overall Fitness during Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga for Overall Fitness during Pregnancy

 Yoga is very beneficial for pregnant women. This helps them to stay relaxed  as well as helps  to adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy,  birth, and labour. This soothes the body and mind, giving both emotional and physical relief to their whole being within the entire process of pregnancy. Additionally, taking a class on prenatal yoga is a great way to get to know other soon-to-be-moms and share your journey together. Please read on to know more about the beneficial effects of prenatal yoga for pregnant women.

Prenatal Yoga for Overall Fitness during Pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga for Overall Fitness during Pregnancy

The Benefits of Yoga to Pregnant Women

  1. It develops strength and stamina. While your baby is growing inside your womb, you need more strength and energy to keep up in carrying your baby’s weight. By doing yoga, it helps strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and hips.
  2. Balance. As your baby grows, your physical balance will be challenged. But with yoga practice, in which you try to learn holding your breathe through every yoga pose, you can find the tune for your physical and emotional balance.
  3. It relieves lower back, upper back, chest, hips, shoulders and neck tension. Tension is increased in these muscle groups of your body during pregnancy. The lower back curves due to the swelling of the belly while the hips keeps getting tighter because of the added pressure accumulated from the weight of the growing unborn baby. The breast also increases in size which adds to the tension in the chest, upper back, together with the shoulders and neck.
  4. Labor Preparation. It is somehow challenging to work on your breathing while doing a yoga pose. But as you learn to live with it, it can be a great advantage you can use during labor. Through breath works, you can determine the comfortable breaths from the uncomfortable one. As you breathe in, you recognize the feeling of tension while when you exhale deeply, you let go of this tension progressively.
  5. Soothes the nervous system. Through the manifestation of deep breathing, your nervous system goes into the parasympathetic mode which is responsible for relaxation. In this manner, the digestion properly operates, giving you a good night sleep and stronger immune system.
  6. Increase circulation. During your yoga practice, your joints and muscles are elongated which improves the circulation of blood. When this happens, swelling is reduced and the immunity system is improved, making a healthy surrounding for your baby.
  7. Connection with your baby. A practice of prenatal yoga permits you to have a full attention to what is going through inside your body. Through every pose and practicing your breathing, you develop awareness of how your baby responds within you.

The above mentioned benefits are only some of the good things you can get from prenatal yoga. However, before attending a prenatal yoga class, it is important to find first the appropriate yoga practice for you. Here are some yoga safety tips you must bear in mind to be able your health and your baby while doing prenatal yoga:

  • Consult your doctor prior to starting any yoga program, most especially if you have a medical condition.
  • Ask your yoga instructor if you are not sure about certain poses.
  • Drink plenty of water during yoga sessions to prevent dehydration.
  • Prenatal Yoga for Overall Fitness during Pregnancy

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