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Circular Foot Massage Mat

Circular Foot Massage Mat

Circular Foot Massage Mat

The “Circulator®” foot massage mat consists of many small, upward-pointing rubber cones arranged in a grid pattern. Walking on the mat produces pressure where the cones contact the feet. The cones are shaped to produce fairly strong pressure, so it is recommended that socks be worn, especially when first using the mat. Marching on the mat activates the reflex points in a more or less random fashion and also massages the foot muscles.

Many people who use the mat find that a simple 2 minutes workout is an effective way to use it.

The mat is not intended as a complete replacement for a treatment by an experienced reflexologist, but it can be used if a reflexologist is not available, or for maintenance between treatments. The majority of the reflexes are on the bottoms of the feet where the mat can reach them.

If you would like have your own mat, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Two-minute exercise with the foot massage mat

Because the foot massage mat is designed to exert fairly strong pressure on the contact points on the foot, the use of socks is recommended, especially in the beginning. To avoid losing balance, it is important to hold onto a chair or other solid object while using the mat. The simple exercise outlined below can be used as a starting point for using the foot massage mat. Marching up and down to the count of 16 for each of the five foot positions, and repeating this twice, takes about two minutes. Many clients do this exercise twice a day on a regular basis.


Marching up and down … on the toes, up and down …

mat2on the sides, up and down… on the heels, up and down…

mat3on the mound, up and down… back on the flat, up and down…

We have found that it is a good idea to leave the mat in a location that we visit at least twice a day, such as near the bedroom door where we hang our pajamas. Then we are automatically reminded to do the mat exercise. Others have told us that they leave the mat in the kitchen, so they can use it while preparing food or washing up. Some people keep a mat at their workplace, where they share it with their co-workers. The mat can be used as part of a relaxing ritual. It is a good idea to experiment, both with where to put the mat and how and when to use it.


Many clients have sent us testimonials about the positive effects they have seen from the regular use of The Circulator® foot massage mat. Here are a few examples.

You truly are an answer to my prayer. I am 73 and have terrible circulation in my legs. Recently I bumped my shin and got a huge blister which ulcerated. I am getting wonderful care, but this mat that my neighbour loaned me has been doing wonders for my whole body. I can’t believe how great I feel. Thank you so much.”
Most sincerely, Mary Graham

For a number of years I suffered a great deal with my feet and was unable to get relief. Then I was given an F. M. Circulator® as a gift and received immediate relief to my feet from the few minutes of standing on the mat. Standing on the F. M. Circulator® while showering each morning helps improve my blood circulation. I have an invigorating feeling as blood surges through my body. I owe my total well being feeling to my F. M. Circulator® and I highly recommend it.”
Lynn Silverman

I tried the F. M. Circulator® immediately after a 1-1/2 hour workout. I found it so relaxing I had another eight people in my class also try it. The comments I received ranged from, ‘It stopped my backache’ to ‘Boy, now I’m relaxed.’ I believe also that you don’t have to have a workout to appreciate its stress relieving quality. It would certainly be ideal after a day of sitting behind a desk or after an afternoon of shopping to relieve the stress. Certainly anyone who jogs or puts strain on their back or legs during a tennis or squash game should try it. I would recommend it either in a home or a gym.”
Bill Campbell, Fitness Instructor


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