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Enjoy a post-surgery therapeutic foot rub. Yum!

Getting ready to have surgery is challenging enough, let alone managing all the trauma post-surgery. This trauma includes stress, anxiety, and tension which all have an enormous effect on our mind and body. This affects us physiologically, where a tense body feels more pain, and affects us psychologically, where our emotions are taxed.

Prescription drugs are sometimes the first and only thing we reach for to make the transition smooth and pain-free.  However, as the field of traditional medicine leans more and more towards complementary therapies, the impact of massage on patients’ post-surgery is gaining interest and examination.

Studies show that patients who receive regular massage therapy post-surgery experience less pain than those who don’t seek out massage. It’s all about pain management.

Reap the benefits and advantages that massage has to offer through reflexology. In reflexology, the path to relieving a patient’s pain is through our hands and feet. Reflexology divides the body into zones, starting at the top of the head, as well as identifies pressure or reflex points. By strategically massaging certain pivotal pressure points on the feet, Reflexology Therapists, like me, stimulate positive reactions to our joints, organs, and muscles because the premise is that every nerve line in the body ends at the feet.

Why not try it out a deeply relaxing and therapeutic reflexology treatment, especially if you’ve recently had surgery? Don’t wither and struggle through the pain, but rather embrace the stress relief, increased circulation, and sense of calm that comes from this restorative treatment.


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