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The Benefits of a Reflexologist at Your Workplace

The Benefits of a Reflexologist at Your Workplace

Whatever the size of your business, it makes sense to look after your biggest asset – your staff. Having a healthy and fit workforce is Key to a corporation’s performance, and each year millions of working days are lost due to stress related ailments.

The best way to guarantee your employees have better health is by using preventative strategies that target any future risks by ensuring your employees are completely capable to manage their own health proactively. To protect them not only from aliments, but also by maximizing their sense of wellness and vitality.

Reflexology addresses many of the core issues employees often have while working under pressure. Reflexology reduces stress, nervous tension, insomnia to mention just a few of the benefits, and keep staffs morale high, more alert, motivated and focused.

Studies have shown that reflexology clients cope better with stress and have an elevated sense of well being after their sessions. This is the reason many companies in Denmark, England and Germany and Australia hire reflexologist. Many independent studies have shown that reflexology gets to the clients core issues more so than many other complementary therapies.

So how can reflexology work for your company?

Treatments are carried out in-house and the practitioner brings a special chair for the client to sit in.

Treatments last approximately 30 min. The practitioner requires a small private room for use of the sessions. It is easy and convenient for the employees. All that is required is for the client to remove shoes and socks and lie back and enjoy a relaxing and beneficial treatment.

Each company chooses its own level of involvement.

Some companies let the employees take full responsibility for the cost of their own treatment. But more often then not the company chose to subsidize or pay in full for their staff. This makes perfect sense, when you think of how much return of investment (ROI) you company benefits. For every dollar spent the return is $2.5 to $7.5 per person

If your business is interested in providing a reflexologist for its staff, then I will be happy to come for a Lunch & Learn giving a PowerPoint Presentation and a short demonstration. And to discuss your organizations needs.

It will be my pleasure to help your employees on their journey to fulfillment and healing the natural way.


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