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Reflexology for seniors

Reflexology and the elderly fit together like a hand in a glove. Most seniors take medication, and sometimes lots of different kinds, so any effective health care approaches that offer an alternative approach to pain relief – like reflexology – is safe and most welcomed.

Nursing homes accepted reflexology as a powerful alternative therapy. When reflexology is delivered by a well-trained Reflexology Therapist, this can go along way to ensure better health and faster recovery. Seniors often express being rejuvenated after a reflexology treatment, experiencing less stiffness allowing them to carry on about their day to day activities with more ease and comfort. Here are some other reasons why reflexology is so essential in helping seniors:

  • Reflexology helps to relieve pain which in turn makes a person feel good and relaxed. It helps to reduce the necessity of pain reliever medicines which can have certain side effects.
  • Reflexology enhances blood circulation thus ensuring speedier recovery since it helps and improves the lymph, nerves and muscles to function back to normal. Range of motion is improved.
  • Reflexology requires no clothing be removed except for shoes and socks. The senior can sit up or lay down. There’s no need to roll over or to disrobe in order to receive and feel the benefits.
  • Reflexology helps increase body awareness, stimulating to the nervous system. Better nerve function can help maintain faster responses and thus able to better manage day to day activities.
  • Reflexology relaxes and energizes the body and mind. Conversely, it calms the nervous system, promotes deep relaxation, reduces depression​
  • Reflexology is safe, where compassionate touch is used. Seniors feel less lonely as they interact with a Reflexology Therapist’s caring interaction​
  • Reflexology is not a non-invasive treatment.

When a Reflexology Therapist works with a senior, less pressure is applied because their organs and systems are older and may be working slower. There’s no need to move too deeply or too quickly. Treatment sessions are shorter because there’s no need to tax the body. Just like with younger folks, reflexology sessions can be customized for the strong robust senior versus the weaker more fragile one.



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