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Relax those muscles by running to give reflexology a try

February is here so Chinese New Year is on the horizon. I mention this because reflexology is an ancient healing art that emerges from this culture, where reflexology has been practiced for millennia to combat a multitude of physical complaints, like muscle and joint pain. Okay, so you like to work out?  Great! But your muscles get sore. Reflexology is deeply relaxing, bringing restorative benefits to athletes or to those of us passionate about exercising or working out.  You can overdo it and exercise too much causing these worrisome side-effects to develop:

  • Dip in performance when you do too much aerobic exercises (e.g. cycling, running, swimming);
  • Drop in energy when you’re both mentally and physically tired;
  • Foments anxiety, depression, flagging mental health when you do 8 hrs. plus of exercise per week;
  • Develops aches, pains, and joint problems from over extending your body;
  • Brings on sleeplessness, so you’re tossing and turning all night.

Simply put, when your body is injured or overused, reflexology comes to the rescue by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to speed recovery.  Working on the body’s specific foot as well as adrenal gland reflexes triggers your body to set in motion those wonderful naturally occurring bodily processes that helps increase blood flow, reduces inflammation, and propels the body to realign and rebalance. These are specific ways reflexology can help your post-workout:

  • Relieves tendonitis, neuroma, plantar fasciitis & other areas impacted by physical activity;
  • Increases energy levels by revitalizing you by cleaning your energetic pathways;
  • Promotes mental well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and combats depression;
  • Relaxes ligaments and muscles to lessen tension allowing for a quicker recovery time.

Once your deliciously restorative reflexology treatment is over, consider adopting some of these healthy post exercise considerations:

  • Cool down by taking a cool shower;
  • Stretch a bit;
  • Drink lots of water;
  • Change out of your workout clothes;
  • Rest your body;
  • Eat a power snack to replenish your body.

Working out muscle and joint pain is my thing! Life is too short to play through pain. Turn to reflexology to help you recover and feel blissful. To ignore doing this is harmful to your body. Contact me to schedule a reflexology treatment so you can be at your best.


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