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Relax with Reflexology during the Holidays

Let’s face it, during the holiday season we are all guilty of getting sucked into the hustle and bustle the season brings, often neglecting taking good care of ourselves in the process. Planning family gatherings, shopping and preparing meals, planning to travel to family and friends, plus all that decorating and holiday shopping always takes a toll on the body and mind. This is nuts, right? Get some loving by treating yourself to a blissfully relaxing reflexology treatment. It’s only 60-minutes long so surely you can steal away and indulge?

In a reflexology session you’ll be gently touched by the gifted hands of a trained Reflexology Therapist during the entire hour. The results are that you get centered and prepared to successfully navigate many types of inner and outer stress.

One of the many advantages of a reflexology session is to immerse yourself into a totally relaxed state known as the alpha-state. One of the best takeaways is that this level of relaxation state can carry forward during the holidays. Here’s a little bit of brain wave science to help you become aware of the various states of being:

Conscious States

  • Alpha reflect the brain’s idle state. You are in the awake condition with closed eyes. Alpha waves represent the gate between the outer and the inner world and between the conscious and the unconscious.
  • Beta indicate a mentally alert and concentrated state.

Unconscious States

  • Theta is associated with emotions, trance states, and dream sleep.
  • Delta is dominant during coma and deep sleep.

Higher Consciousness State

  • Gamma correlates with high energy states and ecstasy.

All this means is that within an hour a certified Reflexology Therapist can work on all your major reflexes in both feet and help you to obtain the desirable state of relaxation between Alpha, Theta or Delta brain waves. Happy holidays!


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